Sell iPhone 3g 8GB

sell iphone 3g 8gb

Totem® offers consumers a way to dispose of their old technology through our expert team of resellers, recyclers and repair technicians, while being able to upgrade to the latest trends in an easy, efficient way. Customers who sell a used iPhone 3g 8gb to Totem® are guaranteed a competitive, fair market rate, whether you want to sell a used iPhone 3g 8gb that is in mint condition or want to sell a used iPhone 3g 8gb that is damaged, waterlogged or broken.

History of the iPhone 3G 8GB

Although it was only on the market for two years, the iPhone 3G 8GB remains popular throughout much of the world. When the second generation iPhone was released in July 2008, more than 1 million customers lined up to own the new edition that was "twice the speed, half the price."

While these changes were exciting, Apple fans were enticed to buy the new iPhone 3G 8GB because it provided full access to the new App Store. An innovative software development kit was included in the upgraded iOS 2.0 that allowed developers to create third-party applications so that customers could customize their iPhone experience. The App Store launched with 500 programs, but quickly grew to more than 1 billion in 10 months.

The iPhone 3G 8GB, which was only sold in black, became Apple's budget model one year later, with the release of the 3GS. It was discontinued in 2010 when the iPhone 4 model became available. However, Apple continued to support the model for another year with software updates, including the final iOS 4.0.

iPhone 3G 8GB Features

The hype surrounding the iPhone 3G 8GB was centered on the internal upgrades since the design of the device mostly stayed true to its original features. The new smartphone was slightly larger than its predecessor and had tapered edges. It also replaced the aluminum shell and metal buttons with plastic. The phone was equipped with a basic 2MP camera, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth technology, as well as a 3.5-inch multitouch display.

Addressing many of the consumer complaints that had been raised with the first iPhone, the iPhone 3G 8GB was powered by a new operating system, the iOS 2.0, which included a 3G network that transferred data twice as fast as the original technology. The new operating system also supported push-email, MobileMe, as well as enhancements for business users through the Enterprise Support software.

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