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Totem® offers consumers a way to dispose of their old technology through our expert team of resellers, recyclers and repair technicians, while being able to upgrade to the latest trends in an easy, efficient way. Customers who sell a used BlackBerry Tour 9630 to Totem® are guaranteed a competitive, fair market rate, whether you want to sell a used BlackBerry Tour 9630 that is in mint condition or want to sell a used BlackBerry Tour 9630 that is damaged, waterlogged or broken.

History of the BlackBerry Tour 9630

Released in July 2009 on the Sprint and Verizon Wireless networks, the BlackBerry Tour was developed as a high-end, multimedia-enriched smartphone for mobile professionals. Combining the best features of the BlackBerry Bold and the BlackBerry Curve 8900, the long-awaited Tour replaced the BlackBerry 8830 World Edition. Declared by CNET to be the "top smartphone for both business users and messaging fanatics," the BlackBerry Tour is still available on the Verizon and Sprint networks.

BlackBerry Tour 9630 Features

The BlackBerry Tour borrows the Bold's backlit 35-button QWERTY keyboard and the Curve's 2.4-inch vibrant color display to create an incredibly powerful, world-roaming phone for international travelers. Voice coverage is available in 220 countries, while email and Internet can be accessed in 175 countries thanks to the integrated 3G capabilities, which also enables the device to serve as a modem for laptops with a data plan subscription.

Incorporating all the standard business features BlackBerry is known for, including a password keeper, conference calling, voice-activated dialing, document viewer and editor, as well as a number of information management tools, the Tour also includes satellite GPS services and stereo Bluetooth. Supported by 256MB of onboard memory and a 2GB microSD card that can be expanded to 16GB, the BlackBerry Tour offers a 3.2MP flash camera, a modern media player that integrates Roxio Easy Media Creator, music store downloads and, on the Sprint model, television service. The updated interface also offers quick access to popular social networking sites and supports the newly created BlackBerry App World.

The Tour retains BlackBerry's signature business client features, including providing access to 10 real-time email accounts and corporate databases. The sending, receiving and processing of text, multimedia and voicemail messages all received updates and wider permissions were granted for using other IM services beside BlackBerry Messenger.

Selling a used BlackBerry Tour 9630 to Totem

If you want to sell a used BlackBerry Tour 9630, Totem® offers some of the most competitive prices in the buyback industry. An accredited Better Business Bureau company since 2009, we also provide one of the quickest returns on your investment when you sell an old BlackBerry Tour 9630. Our three-step process of getting a free guaranteed quote, wiping your data and shipping us the device is really as easy as it sounds. And, customers who use Totem® to sell a used BlackBerry Tour 9630 are issued a PayPal deposit or mailed check within 48 to 72 hours.

Use Totem's free quote wizard to obtain a no-obligation estimate on how much you can earn if you sell an old BlackBerry Tour 9630 smartphone today.

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