Sell Used Blackberry Storm

Sell Used BlackBerry Storm

As one of the few BlackBerry brands to offer a touchscreen-only smartphone, a used BlackBerry Storm still has significant value to resellers, refurbishers and recycling specialists who partner with Totem. We can offer customers cash for selling their used BlackBerry Storm, with payments released in one week via a mailed check or PayPal direct deposit, whether you want to sell a BlackBerry Storm that is damaged or in mint condition.

History of the BlackBerry Storm

Developed as a direct competitor to the iPhone, the BlackBerry Storm made its debut on the Verizon network in 2008 as a high-end business phone that featured BlackBerry's first full touchscreen, including an onscreen-only keyboard. Without the brand's trademarked QWERTY keyboard, the BlackBerry Storm was crafted with a slimmer design. One of the most attractive features of the BlackBerry Storm was its international roaming support, which provided access to voice and data coverage in more than 175 countries. The Storm line was largely responsible for surging BlackBerry sells in 2009, drawing in a record number of new subscribers.

Totem® is currently buying used BlackBerry Storm model 9530 and BlackBerry Storm 2 model 9550. When you sell a used BlackBerry Storm to Totem, you will receive your money in just 48 to 72 hours. To get a free quote to sell a BlackBerry Storm, click on the appropriate model below:

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Sell BlackBerry Storm 9530

The hype surrounding the highly anticipated BlackBerry Storm as the phone that could outperform the Apple iPhone 3G propelled BlackBerry's first 3G-supported, touchscreen smartphone to success. The device was a drastic departure from previous BlackBerry releases with its innovative SurePress touch technology, which used sensors to control the onscreen keyboard. The phone also featured a crystal-clear VGA glass display, an accelerometer that automatically detected the phone's orientation and a software program for working with Microsoft Office programs.

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Sell BlackBerry Storm 2 - 9550

Released a year after the original model, the BlackBerry Storm 2 was praised for its updates, which included a more precise SurePress onboard touchscreen, a more user-friendly interface and more memory, as well as an improved operating system and HTML browser. The phone also had dual equipped Wi-Fi and 3G capabilities. Multimedia capabilities were extended to include Visual Voice Mail, a threaded chat view and instant access to popular social networking websites.

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